There are different ways to view the concept of toxicitiy.  We are all well aware that we can be exposed to any number of elements in our day-to-day lives. There is no doubt that the abundance of chemicals used in manufacturing, in agriculture and in our beauty and cleaning products can create a burden on our systems.  This is considered the burden of exposure, and we need to understand our current and past sources of exposure.  Another consideration is what may be called the routes of elimination.  Some individuals will show toxic reactions to very low levels of some agents, while those close to them may seem to tolerate the same burden effortlessly.  This would be because one individuals ability to process and eliminate the toxin is different than another.  Understanding how to support the routes of elimination allows us to tailor a program to each patient.  Some testing options may include hair elements or urine toxic elements.

Did you know that colon hydrotherapy can enhance an important route of elimination while one is undergoing chelation therapy? Although, we do NOT provide chelation therapy in our clinic, we are happy to work with your clinician, who may recommend colon hydrotherapy as part of your treatment regime. Dr. Pizzorno’s “Textbook of Natural Medicine” reviews The Crinnion Depuration Protocol as an essential part of chelation. Talk to your chelation practitioner about including colon hydrotherapy from Fish Creek Naturopathic Medicine to support your treatment program.

Because we are all different we require different means of supplementation and different means of detoxing.  By booking an Initial Naturopathic Consultation, we can get a complete assessment of your health concerns.  Once we do that we can development a “detoxification” program tailor-made for you.

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