Well-being tips for 2018!

2018 - A few tips for staying healthy in the New Year.

Practical and Easy to follow. This goes without saying...

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Vitamin D-The Sunshine Vitamin

 Did you know that Vitamin D is produced in our body by the action of sunlight on our skin?  It is a group of fat soluble prohormones that play a critical role in regulating calcium and phosphorus levels in the body, recognized as a "hormone" because of this reason.

So in order to utilize Vitamin D, we must be exposed to it daily.

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Why is Fecal Microbiota Transplant not available in Canada?

I have been hearing this question more frequently lately, and there’s no doubt that is because there is much press on FMT and a range of conditions that seem to be benefiting from the treatment. Recent media such as http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/poop-pills-can-treat-c-difficile-calgary-doctor-says-1.1895079 are increasing the public awareness of the subject.

When I’m asked what alternatives there may be, I have one immediate thought. Colon hydrotherapy. If there is any way to give your gut as chance, it is to reduce the amount of imbalanced flora that may be there. Using the healing power of water to encourage a clean bowel can provide a better platform for probiotics and food-based bacteria to recolonize the GI tract.

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Top 5 reasons to use your benefits!

Your company may provide you with extended health coverage, a health spending account or both!

Are you using it to its potential?

If you don't use it, you lose it! Benefits do not get carried foward!

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Let's get OUTSIDE!!!



Hey Calgarians,

 Even though our calanders are saying it's spring it sure doesn't look or feel like it outside, does it?

But the warm weather will come soon enough....  When that happens let's jump into spring without any wasted time. 

Here are a few ways to get outside....


Spring has sprung-time for SAD and NDD to go away

Heard the term “Nature-Deficit Disorder”? No, it’s not a medical “diagnosis”, simply an observational term quoted back in 2005. In this article the author discusses in more detail the importance on getting outside. Great read for everyone!



How can we get outside?

There are ‘free’ ways to go outside such as go to your local municipal park and have a picnic. Bring your children and an item from home then can play with in the park, a ball, a bicycle, a doll, a friend, a dog! Or find a bench and enjoy a beverage while just relaxing, without your phone! Relaxing, yes…no phone, just people watching, sky watching, watching your children, whatever. Maybe you do yoga in a studio, try it outside! Some beautiful parks in Calgary in various quadrants are on the city of Calgary website: http://www.calgary.ca/CSPS/Parks/Pages/Locations/All-city-parks.aspx

Another park found in the city- but is actually run by the province is Fish Creek Provincial Park. It is a large park with lots of outdoor area to enjoy as well as some programs it offers (some are free, some require payment). For more information https://www.albertaparks.ca/fish-creek.aspx

There are often local non-profit environmental clubs that offer free outdoor activities such as Nature Calgary: https://www.naturecalgary.com/field-trips/before-you-go/

And there are probably more opportunities in the city, that you may be aware of. Some communities have a special park for the residents of that community, that may offer swimming, skating or other water sports depending on the season. If you live in one of those communities, taking advantage of those amenities must be better than a day in front of the computer, right?

This is just a start in our local Calgary Community, and there may be similar opportunities where you live. So let’s all get outside!

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Life Expectancy to reach 90

Life expectancy in developed countries are projected to continue increasing, with women's life expectancy surpassing 90 in South Korea by 2030, according to a study published in  The Lancet.

The study predicts life expectancy is likely to be highest in South Korea (90.8), France (88.6) and Japan (88.4) for women, and in South Korea (84.1), Australia (84.0) and Switzerland (84.0) for men.

The researchers emphasize that people living longer will have major implications for health and social services. Countries will need to adapt and have policies to support healthy aging, increase investment in health and social care, and possibly change their retirement ages.

This means that a lifestyle based on prevention is ore important then ever, and that starts with the food you eat every day and the exercise you do each and every week!



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Week Three:

Day 15- Had lots of vegan leftovers, so makes it handy for dinner. This is an introduction to meat back this week, so I defrosted a chicken noodle (pea protein noodle) soup for lunch. It was mostly chicken broth, noodle and veggie soup, there was probably only 1 oz of chicken in it!

Day 16-Made a yummy vegan stir fry with coconut aminos substitute for tamari or soy sauce. I’ve heard this works, I was suspicious it would just taste like coconut, of which I’m not a huge fan, but it was good.

Day 17- More vegan leftovers!

Day 18- First real ‘meat’ day. Had BBQ chicken, delicious, but also had a lovely bottle of red wine with it, oops!

Day 19- This day pretty much ended my cleanse. My horse suddenly collapsed and sadly had to go to horsey heaven, it wasn’t really expected and I was devastated. I am a pet parent and put my heart and soul into my critters. Dinner was cheese and wineL

Day 20- Tried to rally back and made a lovely vegan dinner, but I was still sad and went to comfort food of popcorn later at night, not a great decision in hind sight.

Day 21- Felt kind of ‘popcorn’ hungover, since I added butter, so it was a reminder to me about when and what to eat. Unfortunately, had another stressful day of another horse, young, got very sick. Spent hours with her and the vet, so was very happy to see my hubby had prepared a raclette meal when I got home. That was the official end to the 21 days, and it was delicious-bread, cheese and all-but I did portion control it much better than I would have!


Like any other program it takes up to 21 days to make changes and keep them going! Now that week three has come and gone I’m feeling inclined to keep it that way!! Animal protein was added back in by week two, but only minimally. I found that my dark chocolate craving has lingered so I decided to make gluten-free, protein powder cookies with  “fake” chocolate chips and that seemed to help curb my craving! And all the ingredients fit within the program. BUT, I won’t lie; I HAVE sneaked a piece or two in within the last 2 weeks. Most of my fatigue and acne has subsided so I know that my system is getting cleaned up and I’m super excited about that!! I actually enjoy the MediClear powder so much that I am going to keep having a shake in the morning. Reintroducing food has me a bit worried because I know I have a sensitive gut and I know that certain foods will most likely need to be avoided indefinitely. Bloating has gone down as well except when I ate more legumes during the vegan week, but that I knew would happen. Digestive enzymes to the rescue! Now ready for week four!!


I am happy to say I have finished the MediClear Program! I can’t believe I actually completed the program. The first week felt a little long and difficult, but the other two weeks were quick and much easier. I have more energy in the morning and when I go to the gym. My skin is clear. My mood is much better too. I think the hardest part of the program was finding new meals. I get tired of the same thing, so I was often trying to create different meals. I am excited to reintroduce eggs and tomatoes. I am nervous to reintroduce caffeine. I am not exactly sure if I want to go back to coffee or just try tea. I am interested to see how my body will react when I slowly reintroduce all of these foods again.


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Week Two of MediClear Cleanse Program

Week Two

Day 8- Started Veggie week. I’ve been having cinnamon/clove tea in the morning and it’s quite nice, especially on cold winter days. Make it with ½ cinnamon stick and 2 cloves in a tea ball

Day 9- Woo Hoo lost 4 lbs in 2 weeks! Trying to exercise, but still feeling super sleepy, getting in light yoga, skating, horse-backing riding, treadmill, when I can.

Day 10- Made a black bean wrap with savoy cabbage as the wrap. Added in some rice, avocado, cilantro, hot peppers, onions, the roasted red pepper as a substitute for salsa and kiwi! Kiwi? You ask. Yes, I like hot and realized some of the commercial hot sauces use kiwi or a bit of strawberry in them, and it really helps the flavors.

Day 11- Had a colonic today, feeling very clean. Spaghetti sauce with spinach pesto, for dinner, pretty yummy.

Day 12- Getting tired of the chopping, but I love eating vegan, just wish I had an assistant to chop veggies!

Day 13- Saturday night, cheated with a bit of wine again, because- well-Chia egg is NOT a substitute for egg when trying to cook a cauliflower crust pizza, don’t believe them. But wine is vegan and fermented, isn’t fermented food good? Maybe balances the negative of alcohol and my frustration at my lousy attempt at a vegan pizza crust?

Day 14- DINNER AT THE COUP! Calgary’s best veggie restaurant in my opinion. No chopping and had a meal that fit into the MediClear program.


It’s already week two and I have to admit I’m still pretty tired! I am not hungry by any means, just running low on energy. My body definitely feels like its cleansing and my face is starting to show acne around the chin area.  I know it’s said you will feel worse before you feel better so I’ll keep telling myself that!! I do miss my odd coffee in the morning and my pieces of dark chocolate at night. The minimal amount of caffeine I was taking in and now not having is having an effect on me so that’s a little surprising. I decided to attempt 3 weeks without meat, eggs or dairy. I have only cheated twice for a quick bite!!  Two weeks left and I'm feeling ready and motivated to continue!!!


I have now completed week two of the MediClear Program and I feel great. I only have one more week to go! I don’t crave sugar as much anymore. However, I do still crave coffee. I am hoping to only drink one cup a day after the program. I was drinking 3-4 cups of coffee before the program. I have noticed my skin really starting to clear now. I have been waking up before my alarm and noticed an increase in my energy throughout the day. The program is easier now that I am starting to notice changes. I am excited to see how I will feel at the end of the program!



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Week One of MediClear Cleanse Program

Week One:

Day 1-Started with a kale smoothie with the MediClear Plus powder. Had a bean salad for lunch, turkey/rice soup and salad for dinner and second scoop of powder. Snacked on some rice cakes later. Overall, I am sleepy, sleepy, but probably because it’s minus 20 something crazy, and I was outside for over 2 hours in the that cold and it’s so dark, it’s January after all!

Day 2- Not much appetite today, had the powder and a kiwi for breakie, more bean salad for lunch and some rice noodles for dinner. Still sleepy…

Day 3-Super bloated and gassy, thought it was the MediClear powder but in hind sight, I was eating a LOT of bean salads, and I realized I was only supposed to do 1 serving a day of MediClear to start not two. Made a bunch of homemade dressings from “Whole Life Nutrition” and “Nourishing Meals” cookbooks for upcoming salads and meals.

Day 4- No beans, 1 serving MediClear, took a digestive enzyme just in case. Feel much better. Craving chips already. The guide says Taro chips are ok. I could only find Parsnip chips or Sweet Potato Chips by Hardbite so far. I made an executive decision that that was similar enough and they were delicious.

Day 5- Made a homemade cream of mushrooms soup thickened with cashews, coconut flour and almond milk, yummy!

Day 6- First cheat, WINE! Does it count that I was sort of run off a back country road into a ditch and was 3 hours before I got out? I deserve wine, no guilt on that.

Day 7-Boring and uneventful cleanse day. Prepped for upcoming vegan week.



I’ll be honest, I wasn’t completely ready for this cleanse.   There was food in my fridge that I wanted to eat as I don’t like wasting, but I wasn’t able to do that!! I also had to go to Edmonton for work and even though I brought healthy snacks, I wasn’t able to control what went into my food at restaurants. Unfortunately, most restaurants don’t have hormone free chicken, wild fish, and normally don’t use healthy oils. So you can see it was a bit of a pickle! Having said that, I did the best I could under the circumstances. I do find that as soon as you are restricted from something, you want it even more and coffee WAS and IS my nemesis! So that part is eye opening as it’s more mind over matter. I feel like the rest of the cleanse should be okay as long as I stay focused and prep accordingly. Fatigue is starting to kick in but I know that’s part of the detoxing process. I also find the meal and shake plan has been a huge help!



I have completed week one of the MediClear Program without cheating! No caffeine would have to be my biggest struggle in week one. I have gone weeks without coffee before, but still drank black/green tea. The first few days I was exhausted. I now have more energy and I feel good not relying on caffeine. I have learned you must always read the label. Many products have ingredients you would not expect! I have noticed a slight change in my skin. I think this will take a longer. I am feeling great and I am really enjoying the MediClear Program! The drinks are filling and there is still a variety of other foods I can eat. I never feel hungry!



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MediClear Program

MediClear Program


Fish Creek Naturopathic Medicine employees are attempting the MediClear Program! Carole (owner), Cheryl (Colon Hydrotherapist), and Erin (receptionist) will be following the program and blogging their progress. “The MediClear program is designed to last three weeks and is intended to help your body detoxify by providing essential nutrients and botanicals you need to support efficient cleansing.* The program also gives your body a break from the potential allergens you consume on a regular basis, as well as alcohol, caffeine, and refined sugars.” (Thorne Research, 2016) If you wish to join the program stop by the clinic and grab your MediClear Plus and Patient Guide for only $89.90.

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Understanding the importance of your Fecal Microbiome


There is no doubt that one of the most interesting and growing new areas of medical interest involves the gut. More specifically, the gut flora. Long the overlooked unglamorous area of digestion, advances in technology have provided knowledge that is allowing the topic of gut flora to be analyzed and researched like never before. The ability to analyze the gut bacteria populations has allowed researchers to compare the gut flora of healthy and unhealthy groups and make some interesting conclusions. This research has created many headlines across the planet. The most popular has been related to obesity. In an article in the journal Nature, the balance between several microbes started a mass of research on the subject. In the years since, the ability to study the microbiome has evolved several generations (microbes do reproduce rapidly).

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Can't beat the summer HEAT?

thumb girl

We all look forward to SUMMER months in January when there's heavy snowfall, and it's -30° outside.  Ugh!!  But let's get real for a second, shall we??  Is this weather a little TOO HOT for you? 

Most would agree that 30° in any city, surrounded by buildings and pavement is TOO dang hot!! I'm sure there's a few who are reading this, shaking their heads saying "STOP COMPLAINING"!  In reality, we are not accustomed to this kind of heat for long periods of time. After all, we are true Canadians; we may not like the cold but thats what we're use to.

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Grab your Griddle for our GF-Pancake Competition

With our annual Stampede breakfast just around the corner, we thought it would be great to reach out to all our fellow gluten-free-ers or grain-free-ers and ask for their favourite GF pancake recipes. To add a bit of fun in the spirit of Stampede, we’d like to make it into a friendly competition too. icon smile

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU?? The winning recipe will receive a fabulous prize from Dr. Joe, PLUS have the honour of being the pancake we serve at our annual Stampede Breakfast on Monday July 6th. Isn’t that worth a big YA-HOO!?!

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Congratulations to the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition 2013 Graduates

photodune 3834659 graduation s 1One of the great pleasures I have as a Naturopathic Doctor is the ability to teach.  In fact the root of the word “Doctor” is Docere, which means “to teach”.  For the last seven years I have had the privilege to present Anatomy & physiology and pathology to the future Holistic Nutritionists.  Being a part of their training is something I and Dr. David as well, hold very dear, as it represents a great trust and responsibility that we will provide a useful and meaningful education, which they in turn will share with their families, clients and community.

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Geting out in the community

We’re getting to the end of our public presentation season, and I want to thank everyone for attending the various events. I spoke at the Crowfoot Y on behalf of Amaranth Health Foods and we had their largest turnout ever for a public presentation.

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We're excited to publish the new Fish Creek Blog

Thanks for visiting us.  We are quite excited to create these new posts and share more than just our thoughts, but also many of the interesting items that come our way each day.  There is always new research, new products, new testing methods and new friends with interesting perspectives.

Between the things we are shown by our patients, our students and our colleagues, there should be a lot of interesting information to share amongst ourselves and the comments to the blog will allow us to increase this sphere by allowing others to also share here.

We encourage you to share this with others and to comment freely so that we can examine issues with a well-rounded perspective.  Your comments on how to improve this blog and requests for specific topics will always be welcome.

Thanks for visiting, please stop by soon.

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